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School Starts Wednesday, August 27th

First bell is at 8:40am.  6th graders will start the first day in the Cafetorium.  7th and 8th graders should go to their first period classes.  Class begins at 8:45am.  Students will be released at 2:00pm as they will every Wednesday.

Schedule Pick-Up / Registration Day Monday, August 25th

Students and parents can come to the Cafetorium 10:30 - 1:30 on Monday to complete registration.
  1. Complete a meal eligibility form.
  2. Purchase PE uniforms. They are new and improved! The cost is approximatley $25.
  3. Purchase a student planner for $5. All students are expected to carry and maintain a student planner.
  4. Submit a completed Emergency Card.
  5. 7th graders must have their Hepatitis B CTAP series completed before school begins. Class schedules will not be given to 7th graders until documentation of this short record is provided to the school.
  6. Class schedules will be available for all 7th and 8th graders once the above information is completed.
  7. 6th grade students will begin the first day of school in the Cafeteria. The first three days will be spent meeting all the 6th grade teachers and adjusting to the school. They will receive their class schedules on September 2. 6th grade families are still encouraged to come on the 25th to purchase PE uniforms and planners.
  8. Register for the After School Program.
  9. Sign up for music and drama.

Registration for the After School Program

Registration for the after school program will take place during the following 3 dates and times:
  • August 18th Monday 2pm-6pm 6th Grade @School Library
  • August 19th Tuesday 3pm-6pm All Grades @School Library
  • August 25th Monday 10am-2pm All Grades @Cafeteria
Contact KemalStewart@berkeley.net for more information.

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